Eurovision 2011 – Romania

Hey, Eric here filling in for Amy J.

Romanias contribution to the short intro films is a video of Graffiti Artist. Is this a subtle dig from Germany to Romanian immigrants?

I’m pretty sure this song is from High School Musical. It’s the one that Ryan and Sharpay song right?

I actually like this song. but then I like High School Musical so it’s not too surprising.

Ooh breakdown. Love it.

Just realised that the lead singer is Sam Rockwell. Bit of a shock to see him here!

Overall, fairly catchy song – decent performances, although points are lost for lack of dodgy ‘breakdancers’


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3 Responses to Eurovision 2011 – Romania

  1. It was *so* HSM. But I’m with you on liking it.

    I recently one a point in a pub quiz for knowing that Sharpay and Ryan’s surname is ‘Evans’. True story. It was not a proud moment for me.


  2. I am also not proud to have mis-spelt the word ‘won’.

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